Brazil 2012

Campeche Island, Florianopolis – January 3

Went with my brother Brian and my girlfriend Viviane to Campeche Island, one of the most pristine pieces of land in Floripa. To get there you have to take a boat with the fishermen from either Campeche beach or Armacao beach, we went from Armacao because the boat ride is a bit longer from there so you can enjoy it more. Plus Armacao is a nice beach with a small peninsula where a river reaches the ocean, so we walked around a bit there too after doing a trail on Campeche island.

Campeche, Florianopolis – January 17

Brian and I walked around on Campeche beach just before the sun went down after a day of working at home.

Joaquina Beach and Mole Beach, Florianopolis – January 18

The next day Brian and I went to Joaquina for sandboarding and then to Mole Beach to relax at the end of the day.

Guarda do Embaú, Santa Catarina – January 22

Guarda do Embaú is in the city of Palhoça, about an hour drive to the south of Florianopolis on the continent. Brian and I went with my friends Gustavo and Gabbi who were nice enough to drive us to this beautiful place. We relaxed on the beach for awhile then did a trail along the coast that had tide pools and a few other secluded beaches.

Morro do Lampião, Campeche, Florianopolis – January 28

The biggest hill in Campeche has a trail to the top where there is a few big rocks you can climb up on to get a great view of the surrounding area so Brian and I did just that.

Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, Santa Catarina  – January 29

Gustavo and Gabbi were gracious enough to once again drive Brian and I to a great place, the hot springs in Santo Amaro. The city claims to have some of the best quality water in the world, second in quality only to Vichi, France, so we visited there to take a bath in the hot water and we also took a splash in a nearby waterfall.

Naufragados, Florianopolis – January 31

Way at the south end of the island of Florianopolis there is a trail for “shipwreck” beach. Brian and I took the trail to the beach on a nice, hot day then took a boat back to the start of the trail at the end of the day.

Lagoinha do Leste, Florianopolis – February 2

Lagoinha do Leste is probably one of the most well preserved areas in Florianopolis and is a great place to get away from it all. The trail is pretty long but it is worth it for the views, the beach, and the lagoon at the end. Brian and I took the trail once again to enjoy the beauty of Floripa one more time before he had to head out.

Rio de Janeiro – May 14 – May 17

Gustavo was nice enough to invite me to go with him to a conference to Rio, so we got in the car with his friend Jaime and went. Rio de Janeiro is probably the most well known tourist spot in Brazil so I won’t say much about that here but it is gorgeous for sure. We stayed in Barra da Tijuca in a nice apartment, no complaints from me about the lodging.

São Paulo – May 18

We also went with Gustavo through his hometown of São Paulo for a couple days.

Campeche, Florianopolis – August 1

Back in Florianopolis, the winter was a bit cold this year so I went out on a rare nice day to capture the scenery.

Naufragados, Florianopolis – August 4

Viviane and I went to Naufragados again but this time went to the lighthouse which has an incredible view of several islands and the continent.

Whale in Campeche, Florianopolis – August 21

In the winter whales show up along the coast to give birth in a safe place with warmer water than further south, so many people come to the area for whale watching during this time of year.

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