Brazil 2014

The big event this year was my Mom coming to visit me in Florianópolis. It’s always fun to share the place you live with someone but for me sharing it with my Mom was really special. In a little over 2 weeks we visited places all over the island and had a few of those Mom / Son bonding moments that we won’t soon forget. The other big event this year was going back to the U.S. in September but that I’ll save for a blog post of its own. For now just enjoy more of Brazil in these photos and videos:

March 12 – March 29 Mom comes to visit Florianópolis

Lookout point in Lagoa da Conceição, Florianópolis

Campeche, Florianópolis

Morro das Pedras, Florianópolis

Lagoa do Peri, Florianópolis


Praia da Armação, Florianópolis

Funny moment happened here when we were having a beer on the beach, which is on the other side of a river with no roads going to it. We wondered how they got the beer to the bars and restaurants on the beach, then a few moments later along comes a couple horses with beer strapped on their backs so that answered that question ???.

Santo Antônio de Lisboa, Florianópolis

Sambaqui, Florianópolis

We went to listen to blues in Sambaqui and watched the sun set over the mountains on the continent. Beers, blues, and beauty are a great way to end the day anywhere you are, this was one of our favorite moments of the trip.

Downtown Florianópolis

Morro da Cruz, Florianópolis

Lagoa da Conceição – Maratona Cultural ??????

We went to see the band called Dazaranaha, they are a local legend who got nationally famous in the 1990s and we got to see them for free at the “Marathon of Culture” which takes place every year throughout the city with free music /art. Dazaranha has different styles, its some rock, some reggae, they rap sometimes, and they have an awesome violin player. Here are some of my favorite Dazaranha songs in a Youtube playlist, have a listen:

Campeche, Florianópolis

Ribeirão da Ilha, Florianópolis

Campeche, Florianópolis

Canasvieras, Florianópolis

June 21 Santo Amaro do Imperatriz

Viviane, her mom, and I went to visit Santo Amaro do Imperatriz which has hot springs and some of the cleanest water in the world. The park behind the hotel is fantastic, with well kept trails and beautiful views all around.

July 26 – Lagoa da Conceição and Barra da Lagoa

Nice winter day got us out of the house, Viviane’s mom, Viviane, and I went to Lagoa to the lookout point then we saw a monkey ☺? .


August 8 – August 9 Laguna / Criciuma

Viviane and I went to Criciuma and past through Laguna on the way where there was a big bridge under construction.

Here is how the finished bridge looks now, it is especially beautiful at night:



August 9 – August 10 Praia do Rosa – Imbituba, Santa Catarina

After Criciuma we went to Praia do Rosa or Rose Beach which was something we had planned for a long time and I’d heard a lot about it. It’s a beautiful place, one that has an aura about it that makes you love it.

August 20 – nice day on Campeche beach

August 23 – Capoeira in the center of Florianopolis

I had bought my Mom a berimbau as a gift to put on her wall of musical instruments. A berimbau is the instrument used when playing music for capoeira, which is Brazilian style dance fighting, but I wanted to show her what it is so I made these videos in the center of Floripa.



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