Florianopolis, Brazil – First impressions and photos

I’ve arrived in Brazil and have been here over a month now so its about time I put some pictures up. All of them are from Florianopolis but from separate places on the island.

This first one is one of my favorite pictures so far as it captures the essence of where I am pretty well. I see a lot of the VW Bug’s around and there is little juice bars (which often have coconut milk as well) like this all over the place as well. We also drank pure sugarcane juice (caldo de cana) which was amazing too. I know it was fresh as we saw the guy chopping it up and making the drink right in front of us.

This is a picture from one of the highest places on the island. Its not easy to get up there but the views are incredible.

Here I am taking it all in and enjoying the moment.

Check out Cassio and Cleber in this panoramic view of one of the highest places on the island of Florianopolis.

Another view of downtown from the top of the hill.

And another on the other side.

These little guys were having a good time underneath a pier near the Lagoa da Concei

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  1. nice pictures, glad to hear you are doing ok – we see Brian this weekend. weather still is horrible (totally sucks ass) send for us soon! xoxo

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