Lagoinha do Leste – “Lagoon of the east” park and beach – Florianopolis Brazil

So one day I decided to go to one of the beaches I haven’t been to on the island of Florianopolis. I asked two of my friends who live in the same house as me if they’d like to go with. I suggested “Barra da Lagoa” or somewhere nearby to get them to easily agree and go with me. However, they suggested something else – going to the southern part of the island, which is the least inhabited part, and hiking the trails to get to the beach which is probably the most difficult to reach on the island – Lagoinha do Leste (Lagoon or little lake of the East). I thought about it and quickly agreed as I was looking for adventure and I hadn’t been this far south on the island yet.

Below is the sign before the entrance to the park.


Municipal Park of the Lagoon of the East

Maximum time for camping 7 days

Fires using firewood are not permitted

Domestic animals are not permitted in the area of the park

The park is for your recreational

Take away or dispose of all garbage that you produce

Hunting and collecting plants is prohibited – Don’t destroy the signs or equipment

Below are Nacho (left) and Ruben (right) just before the entrance to the park. On the left is the trail, mostly rocks and dirt. You could hardly tell it was a trail but the signs pointed that way so we headed into the Brazilian wilderness.

Ruben has been to Brazil before and had asked directions for us. He lead the way as we trekked through the first part of the trail.

We stopped for photo ops along the way – here Ruben and Nacho sit on some rocks on the trail.

As you can see in this photo, the trail wasn’t an easy one – very rocky and due to recent rains it was very muddy as well. At some points we had to avoid the trail as there was basically a stream going right along the trail.

We reached our first stopping point here at this beautiful

4 thoughts on “Lagoinha do Leste – “Lagoon of the east” park and beach – Florianopolis Brazil

  1. Well Jacob, When I get to Brazil, this is one beach that I am glad you have pictures of…too much hiking in the wilderness for me! Thanks for sharing!

  2. awesome pictures – thanks for sharing. weather here sucks, got 3 in of snow yesterday – we are going to buy one-way tickets to Brazil 🙂

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