Santinho Beach and Mozambique Beach – Praia do Moçambique e Costão do Santinho – Florianópolis Brazil

In the northern part of the island of Florianopolis in Brazil sits the longest beach on the island called Mozambique Beach. There is a trail that takes you to Mozambique along the coast starting at the famous Coast of Santinho Resort (Costão do Santinho) which has been voted the best beach resort in Brazil 7 times. Native Brazilians settled here thousands of years ago and it is evidenced by inscriptions left on rocks in this area which are preserved by the government of Brazil along with the resort.

The water is clean and a brilliant green color, the trail is well maintained by the resort so it was not too difficult. We started on the trail at about 11:15 am on a beautiful, sunny day.

Santinho Beach and the Coast of Santinho Trail:


We arrived on the beach at around 1 pm, so it took about 1 hour and 45 minutes to go from Santinho to Mozambique on the coastal trail, stopping a few times for water breaks and pictures. The water was a bit cold but so clear and tinted by this beautiful green color that I went swimming a few times.

Mozambique Beach


When we arrived on the beach we met a couple who told us there was a trail through the sand dunes that goes back to the resort which is a lot faster. We started on that trail at about 2 pm and got back to the resort just before 3pm. We also discovered there was a small lake along the trail on the way back which had a ton of little fish which weren’t shy and fought over ever little crumb of bread we tossed in there.


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