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What WordCall Does

WordCall lets you make and receive phone calls from inside a WordPress admin page via Twilio.

Why use Twilio

Twilio is cheaper and a lot more flexible than Skype (see the comparison below to see how much cheaper). As far as flexibility goes, Twilio opens up a ton of possibilities. To give an example of how I use it, I have setup a Twimlet (Twilio web application / widgets) which does the following when someone calls my number: first rings my home phone for 10 seconds then if nobody answers it rings my mobile phone for 10 seconds, if nobody answers there it rings another mobile phone for 10 seconds, and if nobody answers still it tries to connect to the app I’ve setup for WordCall. Just using Twimlets you can ring multiple numbers at the same time, allow people to leave voicemail (which can then be emailed to you), create menus, play audio messages, setup conference calls, and play hold music. You can even link the Twimlets together to say, setup a menu which plays different audio messages based on what the user selects.

Twilio compared to Skype

Skype has a service which you can buy a phone number and make calls to phone numbers around the world but Twilio is cheaper but not as easy to use. Skype will charge you $6.50 a month on a per month basis or at least $4.36 per month if you buy with the discount for a 12 month subscription. Twilio offers numbers for $1 per month for a United States based number.

The other cost you’ll encounter is minutes, for Skype a call to the U.S. is $0.023 per minute, for Twilio it is $0.015 per minute to make calls and $0.0075 to receive calls. To be fair Skype does have subscription packages that are a bit cheaper: 60 minutes for $1.04, 120 minutes for $1.99, 400 minutes for $4.74, and unlimited minutes for $6.99.

So let’s say you talk for 400 minutes, on Twilio it would be $7 and on Skype it would be $11.24 with the month to month number at $6.50 per month. If you had the Skype unlimited package would be $13.49, if you used that much on Twilio it would be 832 minutes or almost 14 hours of talk time which would be way more than I need. For heavy users it might be worth it to go with the Skype unlimited package, but for most people I think Twilio offers a better deal because it is pay as you go.

How to use it

Just get a phone number from Twilio, download / install the WordPress plugin, and follow the instructions on the Users -> WordCall page.

Download WordCall

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